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About Me

My name is Ilja Andrejevs. I was born in a small Baltic country called Latvia. I prefer to be called Eli. Eli is short for Elijah and in turn is a similar name to Ilja. I believe this makes my name international and therefore simplifies the way I am addressed. I am an aspiring Graphic Designer, Web Designer, 3D Artist, Animator, Film Maker as well as a Gamer and Computer Technology Fan.

In 2016, I graduated from University of Cumbria. I successfully completed a Bachelor's Degree course in Digital Arts and 3D Animation. This website is my portfolio. All of the work displayed on the website was created by me. The website itself was also created by me. I hand coded every part of it to suit my needs. In essence, my website is also an example of my skills. I aspire to gain further knowledge, expand my skills and become a true professional in the field of multimedia.

Prior to University I worked as a self-taught web designer for a decor studio in Latvia. I created and maintained the company's website. Even though I had little to no experience in the web design field, the director offered me the job and was left satisfied with my services. Some of my other work experience includes English interpreting and Seamanship.

Currently, I am practising freelance Graphic & Web Design in Latvia.

If you have an enquiry feel free to contact me.